My practice focuses on the unseen parts of our lives. These moments of quiet reflection, deep introspection and familiar melancholy which we sometimes forget are what I believe defines us. Using photography, activism, clothing and text to share my own experience of these times, I offer a reflection on the queer experience with the work taking on various forms intended to draw in the viewer to reflect on a possible shared-experience or a window to a world unseen. I am my own primary subject and focus. 

My work ranges from the context of the public space to the innately private. Often focusing on the trappings of the queer and working-class identity and the purported rituals that can permeate through these communities, especially when evoking ideas around mental health, masculinity and queer visibility. Through my interest in music, sport, literature and cinema, I document or sometimes manipulate moments of everyday life to actualise the work.

Brian Teeling, born in 1987 in Dublin, is an artist and activist living and working in Dublin. He has no fine art qualifications and is entirely self-taught.

Recently he has shown in ‘Uncover’ at The Library Project, Dublin, Ireland, 2018 and as the debut exhibition in the new Lavit Gallery, Cork, 2018 and finishing the year as Associate Artist with ‘Masculinities Anonymous’ at The Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin. He is scheduled to be part of ‘The Working Class Artist Summit’ at Metal, Peterborough in January 2019 and ‘A Vague Anxiety' at IMMA in April 2019.

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