My practice explores ways of interrogating the medium of photography through an honest, autobiographical account of lived experience. The work ranges in context from public space to the innately private, often focusing on the trappings of queer, working-class and masculine identities. Through my interests in the crossover between aesthetics and activism I examine the purported rituals that can sometimes permeate these communities. The resulting work expressed various forms; CCTV tubes, projected image, clothing, unlimited edition prints, installation, electronic devices and large-scale sculptural work.

We’re at a moment in our history where there is no vision of the future anymore, stuck in a limbo between utopia and dystopia. The constant mechanisms of division that defines our political environment means we are more and more self-identifying. This inner-focus could be what is the emergence and nadir of our collective anxiety. Can art be personalised when meaning has become destabilised and the real and fictional have collapsed into each other?


Brian Teeling (b. Dublin, 1987) is an artist living and working in Dublin. He has no fine art qualifications and is entirely self-taught.

Recently he has shown in A Vague Anxiety' at IMMA in April 2019. His previous exhibition was ‘Uncover’ at The Library Project, Dublin, Ireland, 2018 and as the debut exhibition in the new Lavit Gallery, Cork, 2018 and finished the year as Associate Artist with ‘Masculinities Anonymous’ at The Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin. He is scheduled to be part of a group show in Dublin early in 2020 and exhibiting at Ireland Park Foundation in Toronto later that year.

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